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Our Spine Matters!

Image of a healthy cervical spine.

Healthy Neck

Unhealthy, Decayed Neck

 Do you know if your spine looks like the one on the left, or the one on the right? The answer to that question could drastically affect your quality of life! Most of us see the value of taking care of our teeth by brushing them daily, and going to the dentist for regular maintenance, but few of us think the same way about our spines!At Mountaintop Health, we make it easy and affordable for our community to learn how to improve and maintain proper spinal health, so you can be the best you can possibly be!

Find out how you can gain these benefits:

  • Prevent debilitating spine condition, and eliminate back and neck pain!
  • Recover from problems such as headaches, asthma, stomach problems, fatigue, or difficulty sleeping (these are just a few examples, see the nerve chart below for more).
  • Enhance the function of your nervous system, promoting your ability to adapt to life’s constant stress.
  • Enjoy increased quality of life through better function!
  • Improve your outward appearance by maintaining an upright, confident posture.
  • Perform at a higher level by having mechanical and physiological balance in your body.

How can taking care of our spine offer all of these benefits?

Chiropractic science tells us that when our spines are in improper alignment (we call this Subluxation), our spine decays and our nervous system suffers! The nervous system is the coordinator of healing and adaptation of our body. When it is out of alignment, we experience a loss of function. This can not only cause neck or back pain, but problems such as headaches, asthma,  frequent infections, stomach problems, lack of energy, or difficulty sleeping (see nerve chart below for more examples).

Many think they are “fine” because they don’t have pain. But, it is possible to have literally decades of spinal decay before you experience any pain symptoms! These problems are easily preventable with regular spinal maintenance!

What To Do About It


Most of us also have something about our health that we would like to improve. It is easy to shrug off minor ailments such as an occasional or not-so-occasional neck, back, or headache. But these may be warning signs that your spine, and therefore your nervous system, are not operating at their fullest. Perhaps your goals are simply like to perform better at a sport, sleep more soundly, or just have a greater feeling of balance and wholeness. Learning to take care of your spine properly will have a positive impact on all of these things.

It’s never too late to start! We specialize in improving damaged spines, and maintaining healthy ones, and we pride ourselves on making it easy and affordable to do so. Our family plans make it simple for spinal maintenance to be a key part of your family’s health strategy. When you come to our office, we will give you a thorough examination of your spine, with x-rays if necessary, to determine the condition of your spine, and what steps you can take to improve. Click here for more information on getting started. Feel free to explore the rest of the website or visit our FAQ for even more information! You can also subscribe to our blog on the sidebar and receive regular health tips.

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