Arthritis (Spinal Degeneration)

Spinal arthritis, or osteoarthritis

This is what is referred to as spinal degeneration. This is an extremely common ailment, that is often very painful. Although most people think that arthritis is normal with aging, the truth is that it is more closely related to improper spinal alignment, which is usually due to to past traumas or repeated daily stresses.

To be healthy and prevent arthritis, your spine needs regular motion. When there is a lack of normal motion, the spine begins a process called spinal degeneration. Over time, the  body attempts to actually fuse the bones of the spinal column in an attempt to adapt to this situation. This causes a number of things to happen:

Cervical (Neck) Spinal Decay

Effects of spinal arthritis:

  • Spinal discs dehydrate, and become thin and brittle.
  • As discs become weaker, they become more likely to “slip”, bulge, or become herniated.
  • Gradual, progressive loss of normal motion.
  • Alignment of joints changes, causing pain and inflammation (arthritis).
  • The shape of the spinal canal changes, which causes abnormal tension and lack of blood supply to the spinal cord.
  • Nerves become inflamed, stretched, and irritated. This can cause even more pain, but more importantly, can cause dysfunction of any organ or tissue that nerve goes to!

Spinal degeneration or arthritis occurs when there is improper alignment (subluxation). Chiropractic adjustments, with repeated visits, can stop, and in many cases reverse, the process of spinal degeneration by restoring normal alignment and motion to the spinal column.

The advantage of the chiropractic approach, as practiced by Dr. Powell in Kennesaw Georgia, is that we deal with the underlying cause of arthritis – the misalignment and loss of proper motion. Drugs may effectively address the pain, but are toxic to the body, often have “side effects”, and do not address the root  cause. If this process is advanced, you may have been told that you need surgery. However, research has shown that surgeries typically do not decrease the chance of long-term disability, and carry the risk of dangerous complications. When it comes to arthritis, chiropractic should be considered your first line of defense!