Why Chiropractic for Kids?

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by Dr. Powell on February 8, 2012

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Do you think that chiropractic spinal adjustments are just for grown-ups? Think again! Children of all ages also benefit from a fine tuned nervous system.

More parents are choosing chiropractic for their kids!

All over the world parents are understanding that conservative care early in life reaps huge benefits later and that the overuse of drugs to treat minor illnesses and developmental conditions are causing unintended consequences for our children as they grow older. Some of the drugs that parents are taking and in some cases have taken before conceiving their children have had physical effects on the developing fetus. So it is no surprise that informed parents are seeking alternatives to the current healthcare model, which is really sick care because the doctors have little interest in caring for someone who is not complaining of anything.

The current numbers show that in Canada half of the children in one study (Can J Nerurol Sci 2005;32:524) used alternative health care and the one they chose the  most was chiropractic. They learned about chiropractic by learning about other families successes and about 60 percent described improved quality of life for their kids. Now ask yourself if you could improve the quality of life of child that you know would you do it? A larger study out of Australia (J Paediatr Child Health 2005;41:424-7) showed similar results as the Canadian one with 51 percent of children using alternative care and chiropractic being the most used.

Low-Back pain in kids.

Really? Kids get low back pain too. One study (J Manipulative Physol Ther 2003;26:1-8) reported that 24 percent of kids experienced low-back pain for more than three months! In the same study just under half of the kids started to report low-back pain after a traumatic event, mostly a sport related event. That means that about half of them reported low-back pain without any trauma, this often gets the diagnosis of “growing pains” which is actually a statement that the medical model has no treatment for kids with pain. Chiropractors see these symptoms as signals from your body and its innate intelligence that something could be wrong and seek to find the cause. The study goes on to point out that of all the kids included in this study a total of 61 percent reported low-back pain, so if you have two children there is a chance that one will report low-back pain to you. The question is what will your response be?

Predictors of Low-Back Pain in Kids.

Besides the obvious playing sports that demand so much from growing kids like baseball, gymnastics, tennis, and football research shows that the greatest predictor of low-back pain in kids was sitting for long periods in a poorly designed chair. Can you think of a situation that might put your child in this situation? The study (J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2003;26:1-8) goes on to explain that overloaded backpacks and school bags provoke reports of low-back pain.

ADHD – Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The drugs that are used to “treat” this condition are loaded with side-effects and there are suggestions that these stimulants increase the risk of drug abuse and leave the child with a greater susceptibility to the addictive power of cocaine. Well you might be surprised to learn that chiropractic research (J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1989;12:353-63) demonstrated “impressive evidence that the majority of the children in this study did, in fact, improve under specific chiropractic care.” This study shows that chiropractic has the potential to be a non-drug intervention or choice for parents concerned about the risks associated with a pharmaceutical approach.

Ear Aches

Any parent that has had a child diagnosed with otitis media or an ear infection knows just how disruptive this condition can be. The child may have crying spells, interrupted sleep, and overall discomfort. The treatment ranges from wait and see to tubes inserted in the kids ear. Chiropractic has been helping kids in this situation for years and now there is some scientific evidence that supports this claim. This study (J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1996;19:169-177) took 46 children 5 years or younger with ear infections. They all were seen by the same office, they each were seen three times the first week and twice the second and then once per week until improved.

The results are amazing! 93 percent of the episodes improved by 75 percent in 10 days or fewer and by 43 percent after only one or two sessions! The parents reported no fever or signs of ear pain or symptoms.

Putting all together

All this proof that chiropractic helps with conditions that children face as they grow is wonderful for parents concerned about giving medication to their children needlessly. It is also encouraging to those who have or know of a family struggling with the decision to have tubes inserted in the kids ear. While chiropractors do not claim to treat any condition other than that of vertebral subluxation complex, your chiropractor can find the cause of your child’s problem in most cases and improve the quality of life for the entire family.


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