Getting Started

The First Visit

On your first visit, you will receive a consultation with the doctor, and a physical examination, with x-rays if needed, to determine the condition of your spine and severity of subluxation. This visit will generally take no longer than 45 minutes. After this, you will be scheduled to come back for a report of findings. This gives us sufficient time to review your case and determine specific recommendations for care.

The Second Visit

On your second visit, we will receive your Doctor’s Report. We will explain to you what we found on the examination, and what it means. At this time, we will also take time to go over any x-rays with you, and explain what was found. We will give you our recommendations for care, based on these findings, and discuss the payment options we have made available. At this time, you will also receive your first adjustment.

Health Care Class

The health care class is a brief (30-45 minute) informational session that all new practice members attend after beginning care. This class is designed, first and foremost, with you in mind, so that you can receive the greatest possible benefit from chiropractic care. It is essential for you to fully understand the care you will be receiving. We encourage your spouse or significant other to attend as well, so that we can all be “on the same page”. There is no charge for this class.

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