Thompson Technique

thompson technique tableThe Thompson Technique developed by Dr. Clay Thompson in the 1950’s. The technique was born out two scientific developments of the time. First the “Segmental Drop Table”, for which Dr. Thompson was granted a patent for in 1955. The second the “Leg Length System” based on the work of Dr. Derifield.

As practiced today by Kennesaw chiropractor Dr. Kerith Powell the technique is described as Table Assisted Adjusting by Dr. Hyman, using the Derifield leg length analysis to test the neurological basis and need for spinal correction.

The drop table is designed to enhance motion force to the adjusted area, allowing for enhanced patient comfort. However, Dr. Thompson was more interested in the application of proper vectors used in adjusting the spinal articulations. He noted that the many misalignment and subluxation correction could be accomplished while the patient was laying face down. With a force applied from the back to the front and from the feet to the head accounting for rotation and lateral flexing of the involved segment with doctor position and vector. The table also has a hi-lo feature that takes the patient from standing to laying flat without any effort from the patient to keep neurological integrity. His table is designed to meet these requirements and has stood the test of time. Dr. Powell uses two of these tables in his Kennesaw chiropractic practice.

The leg length analysis is a widely accepted scientific ( theory that is also put into practice by other chiropractic techniques. It is based on the inhibitory and excitatory relationship between muscular system and the regulating reticular system of the brain. It observes neurological imbalance as it translates to the appearance of a short leg in a faced down position in a relatively relaxed state. The best analysis is performed when a subject is taken directly from a weight-bearing or standing position into a horizontal position without any effort from the subject. Leg length analysis must be confirmed by other methods when a patient has any condition in which the doctor can not conclude that even legs would be the desired outcome for the person, as happens in anatomical short legs. Dr. Powell uses the other methods and x-ray in his Kennesaw chiropractic office.

Kennesaw chiropractor Dr. Powell studied with Robin C. Hyman DC author of several chiropractic technique training manuals including pediatric adjusting and Thompson techniques.