Activator Methods Technique

Activator Method Technique


The Activator is the name of the instrument use for the Activator Method Technique in chiropractic. The Activator is one of the most researched instruments chiropractors use in regular practice. The activator has gone through some development because of the research and chiropractic clinical trials over the last several years. Anyone who has been under activator chiropractic care is familiar with the clicking sound. The Activator produces around forty three pounds of pressure per square inch that the chiropractor introduces to the spine. The feeling is a sensation of gentle pressure that last for a fraction of a second at the level of the force.

Great for Stage 3 and 4 Spinal Decay

Kennesaw chiropractor Dr. Powell uses the Activator for most patients that need extremity work (elbows, knees, wrists, and hips) and those that are in late stages of spinal degeneration. The evaluation for nerve interference uses the Derifield leg check and specific spinal checks using patient motion.

Kids call it the clicker

Chiropractor Dr. Powell may choose to use this instrument on children in Kennesaw when their hyperactive or show signs of ADHD.