What you need to know

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You know how important your family is to you.

There is little else that can compare to the feeling of responsibility and devotion that comes with being a parent. As you may know Kennesaw, GA was recently named in the “10 Best Towns for Families” list. Raising a child means looking after their educational needs, physical surroundings, and emotional strength, it helps when these priorities are shared by the entire community.


For this piece I am going to assume three things about you. First that you read the article on chiropractic, that you know that pain is a poor indicator of health, and that you are here to find out just why chiropractic helps people of all ages and is especially important for children.

Shifting approach

It begins with the way pregnancy is viewed by our society, the baby is considered a foreign body, a pre-existing condition, and a medical condition. Really it is completely natural and the steps that people take during pregnancy and delivery can have a suppressive or stimulative effect on the neurological, physical and emotional development of the child. The ICPA has a wonderful list of myths and facts about this part of raising a child on their website.

  • Complications at birth are linked to a mothers diet, drugs and environmental toxins, and psychological factors such as excessive stress, abuse or neglect and are predictable.
  • The problems associated with hospital birth increase with the size of the hospital, especially those problems related to impersonalized care and the overuse and abuse of technology and medicine.
  • As many as 20% of our nation’s full-term healthy newborns currently spend time in intensive care for no medical reason. Most of them are there for “observation” or “just-in-case” treatment because of drugs or procedures done on their mothers.
  • Any drug— including artificial hormones to stop, induce or speed up labor—given to a mother in pregnancy, labor or while she is breastfeeding will get into her baby’s blood stream and settle in the baby’s liver and brain. Drugs in birth get to the baby in higher proportion than to the mother because of the baby’s small size. More than 80% of laboring women today get an epidural and most of them demand it.
  • Shocking, traumatic experiences can lead to lasting trauma which may need special attention and care for healing. Some trauma in some babies spontaneously resolves itself

Designed for success

After our children survive the birth process they are then subject to Universal Forces like gravity, and environmental hazards like processed foods and germs. They fall repeatedly, drink formula, and live in relatively sterilized environments so that when they are exposed to normal germs they over react. It is a testament to the wisdom of Innate Intelligence that all of these hurdles are overcome and growth and development are the likely outcome.

Innate Forces

It remains important not to take the innate ability of the child for granted. Various conditions of growing children can be avoided by having a nervous system that is able to carry the Innate Forces to each organ, tissue, and cell. Thereby reducing attention deficit disorders, and problem solving skills. Encouraging healthful foods can cut the stress placed on the nervous system and other organs as opposed to less healthful foods that need substantially more effort  and can strain, or build up in the filtering of some products and providing higher quality fuel for the cells.