Stop Brushing Your Teeth

by Dr. Powell on January 19, 2012

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Imagine: bad breath, yellow teeth, bleeding gums, tooth decay and then the pain. Your dentist will definitely recommend brushing your teeth as a something everyone should do at least twice a day and after every meal. If your goal in life is not to have pain or tooth decay you will agree that this is a preventive measure. However if your aim is to have the best smile and to continue to dazzle people with your smile you will see his advice as maintenance.

the right tool for the job

I am going to ignore my spine!

Imagine: fussy baby, bed wetting,  growing pains, scoliosis, fatigue, and then even more pain. Your chiropractor will definitely recommend getting your spine checked regularly. The regularity depends on your condition, how much care you have put into your spine and how you use your spine.

Since a toothbrush will work great on your teeth, what tool do you think will work great on your spine? Chiropractic Adjustments, that’s right!

With regular chiropractic check-ups you can reduce the pain, get out of pain, regain your energy, reduce minor injuries, have healthier children and a better quality of life no matter what age or in what stage of life your are. By the way, if you don’t maintain your teeth it’s not a catastrophe, you can get dentures or implants. Think about it, daily brushing or going through the cost and discomfort of dentures or implants. Many people make this choice when they pick up that value pack of ibuprofen, they are putting off addressing the issue. Choosing to wait, ignore, procrastinate will only be more expensive and destructive in the end. When your spine is the body part being neglected your teeth will not a priority. People will not be looking at your yellow teeth or complains about your bad breath they will be moving out of your way as you sit in motorized shopping cart, they will be helping you in and out of the car, you will be in bed while the ones you love are out and about. You are irreplaceable and so is your spine. Live life, get adjusted. I would like to recognize Dr. Karel Deprez for the inspiration for this post, thanks doc!


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