Speed it Up, Slow it Down

by Dr. Powell on January 31, 2012

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The approach of modern medicine towards your health can basically be simplified down to two main strategies: stimulate (speed it up) or inhibit (slow it down). There are thousands of drugs in the medical arsenal, but they mostly fall into these two categories. Drugs can very effectively speed up or slow down different physiological processes and variables. The advertisements on television and in magazines tell us daily that if our cholesterol is too high, that we need to take a drug to lower it. If blood pressure is too high, lower it. If we have “too much” of a certain hormone, lower it.

The problem with this approach, though, is that the functions of the body aren’t just a bunch of levers that we can raise and lower individually. They all affect each other in very complex ways! It’s like a Rubix cube. Every time you move one piece, you affect the relationships of all the other pieces. This is why drugs have “side effects”, or as I call them, “effects”. Side effects are usually not well understood by the drug companies or the doctors prescribing them, and that’s why they can be so dangerous. We’ve all heard the horror stories of drugs like Vioxx and Celebrex.

Another problem with this rather crude philosophy is that it allows no respect for the intelligence of the body. This is the intelligence that is so amazing, that it took two cells in the womb, and created the entire human form! The nervous system is the primary system which directs all of our physiology. The body is 100% capable of maintaining its own normal function, so long as the nervous system is functioning normally.

Let’s look at blood pressure, for example. Millions of people take medication daily for high blood pressure. If you go to a doctor and he finds that you have high blood pressure, chances are you will be put on one or more medications, probably for the rest of your life! Millions of people take these drugs every day. But it is very rare that anyone asks “why” the blood pressure is too high!

The most cutting edge medical researchers are now investigating the relationship between the brain stem and the body’s physiology. We have processing centers that have control much of our physiology, all located in this area, which passes right through the C1 vertebra. A recent study found that by adjusting C1, they were able to take patients with high blood pressure and effectively normalize it, without drugs! The nerves were not operating at 100% because the C1 vertebra was out of position.

The “speed up or slow down” philosophy does not offer true health. Health comes from the inside out, not from a pill or potion. If we diligently maintain our spine and nervous system, the body can function at its best!


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