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by Dr. Powell on January 24, 2012

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Maintaining our health is a process, an ongoing struggle to adapt to the outside stresses that we are exposed to. In this struggle, there are two main factors:

  • Outside stresses – this includes the quality of air we breathe and the food and water we take in, the “germs” we are exposed to, the type of activities we do on a daily basis, and any emotional stresses we are under.
  • Internal resistance – our ability to positively adapt to these outside stresses. We have one body system that is in charge of coordinating the response of all the other body systems to our outer environment, and that is our nervous system.

When we walk on uneven terrain, it is our nervous system that allows us to easily change our stride and foot placement so that we don’t lose our balance. When we are exposed to germs, our nervous system directs the immune system to fight them off. For our heart to beat, for our lungs to breathe, or to heal a cut, we need constant communication over our nerves.

There is often very little we can do to change our outside environment. We do not have control over the air we breathe, the germs we are exposed to, and the activities we do every day as part of our jobs. We could decide to live in a bubble, but most of us would prefer to live our lives! However, we can take steps to increase our internal resistance. We can do this by ensuring our nervous system is functioning at its best, so that we have the greatest ability to properly adapt to our environment.


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