Do Germs Make Us Sick

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by Dr. Powell on January 18, 2012

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Did you know that we live with germs all the time?

Most germs are harmless and some of these germs are actually helpful to us. When asked about germs, many people think of the bad that they do and don’t consider the good. For some people, the fact that germs can actually help us goes against what they think they know. Maybe because our kids are taught that germs are bad and that they need a shot from the doctor to stop them, we end up treating them as the enemy and lumping them into the “bad for you” category.

Germs that make you sick!

Any germ can make you sick if you have a weakness to that germ in your body or a suppressed immune system. We’re exposed to countless germs every single day, including the ones that have the potential to make us very sick. Most of the time, we’re able to defend against even the worst of these germs. When our immune function is decreased, these germs can gain a foothold and begin to cause us problems. We can maintain a healthy immune system by eating right, keeping our stress levels low, and, most importantly, by keeping our nervous system working at peak condition with regular chiropractic adjustments!


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