Death by Medicine

by Dr. Powell on January 19, 2012

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Iatrogenesis: the inadvertent and preventable induction of disease or complications by the medical treatment or procedures of a physician or surgeon. The institute of medicine states this results in 100,000 deaths every year. In “Death by Medicine”, Gary Null states that the actual number is likely well above 750,000! That’s equivalent to 6 jumbo jets falling from the sky every single day, and would place it firmly as the leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease. If the airline industry allowed 6 jumbo jets to crash every day, there would be outrage. People would refuse to fly!

Modern medicine is very good at certain things. We now have extremely few deaths annually due to infectious disease. If your body is mangled in a terrible car accident, surgeons can go in and piece you back together and stitch you up. However, there are some things that medicine is not so good at. These are the chronic diseases. Hypertension, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and mental illness rank at the top of these. These are largely related to our lifestyles, and drug therapies can treat the symptoms, but often come with terrible and often deadly “side effects” and do not address the fundamental causes.

The point is, if you develop these diseases during your life, you can’t expect to go to a doctor, get a pill, and solve your problems. So we need to be proactive about our health! We need to do whatever we can to give our body the best chance to be healthy NOW! That involves eating right, staying active, keeping a positive mental attitude, and perhaps most importantly, keeping our nervous system, the “master control” system of our whole body, functioning at its optimum.

Medical researchers of late are looking more and more to the central nervous system for the cause of many diseases. Recent studies investigating diabetes and hypertension have led researchers to believe that the brain stem holds the key. Chiropractors have been adjusting the the spine for over a century in order to restore normal alignment and tone to this vital area so that it can function at its best.


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