Chiropractors and Healing

by Dr. Powell on January 28, 2012

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The story of chiropractic began in Davenport Iowa with a man who was a seeker of knowledge. He came across a theory of nerve interference. I say he came across it because it was there before he even thought of it. Nerve interference was present on the first day of nerve flow. There are records of the ancient healer manipulating the spine. The first two recipients of what we call chiropractic today were seen for deafness and cardiovascular issues. This may explain why the medical community tried so hard to kill chiropractic in the crib. The founder was labeled the most dangerous man in Davenport and was a wanted man.

These things did not deter him as he knew with certainty that he had discovered something that would change the lives of many. He established a college to teach this new healing art and most of his students where lawyers, medical doctors,nurses and other already established professionals. As with anything new and wonderful and not fully understood, schools of thought began to take hold and much time and energy was spent arguing over who was right about small pieces of this new healing art.

Fast forward to the influenza epidemic of 1918 when people where ready to try anything to avoid the illness and death around them by any means. This is when chiropractic became of age. People who saw the chiropractor had a better chance of surviving the infection than those who went the medical model and chiropractors earned a place in the hearts of the public as healers and promoters of health. Other ‘miracles’ began to be reveled. People disabled from the polio virus where now able to work, non-verbal children began to speak, and hearing was restored.

The attacks from those who saw the art as a threat to their livelihoods or simply did not understand began a campaign to arrest doctors of chiropractic under the laws of practicing medicine without a licence. Our defence was and remains that we do not practice medicine, we practice chiropractic. Chiropractors continue to facilitate health and healing today by not practicing medicine, even as billions of dollars are spent by drug companies on politicians, television, and doctors of medicine in order to make the use of drugs more acceptable than it already is. The beauty of chiropractic is its timeless simplicity. Chiropractors know that there is something for which no medicine, surgery, or machine can reproduce and that is the ‘self’. That is the nameless part of us all that makes us who we are.

No one denies that our central nervous system is absolutely critical to us being alive, yet they discount the early signs that lead to disaster later on. Many people are living with man-made body parts, this is great, however there is no one alive who does not have nerve flow. Without the vital information carried to each cell through the direction of the nervous system there is no life. The founder recognized this over a century ago and developed a way to aid the ‘self’ when it is in need of assistance before it becomes overwhelmed by forces and he called it chiropractic. This is what I practice. I work with that subtle something that animates all that is.


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