Chiropractic Dr. Oz

by Dr. Powell on January 16, 2012

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Dr. Oz gives what is a highly visual demonstration of the various irritants to your spine, spinal column, and how chiropractic effects these conditions. The assistant was not surprised in that she had been adjusted by a chiropractor before. However, it was clear that she was not sure what the chiropractor did to or for her when she had the one adjustment. At Mountaintop Health Dr. Powell and Dr. Goeddeke will help you understand the reasons for your care. We take care to explain, how subluxations can be present without the presence of pain and how pain by itself is not the enemy. Pain lets you know that you have reached, are about to reach or have passed a limit of your physical self. If you want to avoid the cost in time and suffering that often accompanies those who neglect themselves for whatever reason, simply ‘listen’ to your body, ‘watch’ for signals, you know when you don’t ‘feel’ right. That is the time to be aggressive about finding the cause, while the solution is cheaper than waiting for it all to break down.


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