Chiropractic and Concussions

by Dr. Powell on January 22, 2012

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To shake violently – think about your brain as an egg yolk inside an egg-shell. Our brain has billions of neurons that are essential in integrating all functions of the body. When neurons are injured it causes chemicals to leak out that should not and chemicals to leak into the neurons that should not. The symptoms include some vague and nondescript feelings like dizziness, fatigue and a feeling foggy.


Kennesaw chiropractor Dr. Powell emphasizes the function and functionality of the nervous system.. Our chiropractic evaluation and care plans are designed to maximize neural integration so that all parts of the body will have coordinated action for the mutual benefit of the person. From the way we walk, play and interact with others our nerves are central in these functions.

Injury – what is being done

The NFL (National Football League) has formed several committees to evaluate and address the rise in the incidence and increased effects of concussions on players, those retired, and on children playing the sport of football. The NFL has also given millions of dollars to Universities for research in brain or neural injury. The industry that supplies helmets are doing their own research are producing better products that absorb more of shock and impact to help reduce the amount of force transmitted to the delicate structure of the brain. With about 170,000 going to the local emergency room with sport related concussion symptoms there is also a need for the clinician to have an understanding of the nervous system and how it relates to the expression of health in the person. Dr. Powell takes care during his regular chiropractic intake and exam at his Kennesaw office to evaluate subtle hints that the nervous system provides.

Prevention – what can you do

Dr. Powell recommends that all parents review the material found in the is educational video on the CDC website if they choose to enroll their children in high impact sports. Coaches of high impact sport would also benefit from the information provided by the CDC. At Mountaintop Health in Kennesaw Dr. Powell is more focused on the prevention of such injuries by helping people involved in high impact sport activity maintain proper equilibrium through adjusting the subluxations that cause imbalance and neural deficit.



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