by Dr. Powell on November 15, 2011

in Introduction

Everyone has their opinion of what health is and most of the time it involves how they look or how they feel. If you have an undetected tumor you are sick even though symptoms have not developed. When you have fever due to a minor illness your body is responding in a healthy way. In the first case a sick person may feel healthy, yet in the second case a healthy person may feel sick. Health is more than just the absence of illness or disease; it is the presence of optimal physical, mental and social well-being.

The goal at Mountaintop Health is your ideal physical, mental and social well-being. Remember health is not just the absence of illness or disease but the presence of optimal physical, mental, and social well-being. Through experience we know that the reason most people come for a check-up is not always to achieve optimal well-being. We are aware that external factors, like the type of work we do, seasonal illnesses and sudden injury, can have deleterious effects on our health and sometimes cause pain and discomfort. Therefore to achieve our goal we have assembled a team of experts; medical, functional neurology, dietitian, wellness coaching, chiropractic, unified by the promotion of health. Expect extraordinary results.

When you join the team at Mountaintop Health you will notice that we unique in almost every way. Our focus is on you. We make every effort to ease any stress associated with your journey to the mountaintop of your health. Each encounter removes any interference that is holding you back from expressing your full health potential and propels you towards greater health, abundance, peace and joy. As a result you will gain additional quality time with the people and things that matter the most to you, like family and recreation. We accept you where you are and work just as hard as you do to assist you reach your goals. This is your life, step up to a new height in health.


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