Kennesaw Chiropractor Dr. Kerith Powell

Hi I’m Dr. Powell your Kennesaw Chiropractor,

Kennesaw Chiropractor - Dr. Powell

Kennesaw Chiropractor - Dr. Powell

I would like to thank you for the privilege of meeting you this way and sincerely hope that we will meet in person one day soon. I am not just saying that I truly mean it. You see I am certain that you and I have something in common, an interest in finding ways to release our full potential. I am committed to helping you reach your health goals. I am also committed to sharing the truth about spinal decay, it’s effects, and how it can be stopped.

Chiropractors seek to release the inborn power that resides in all of us. This power animates, coordinates and maintains us. It functions to instruct us on a cellular, molecular, and organic level the best ways to adapt to the forces we face daily. These forces include physical forces like, gravity, inertia, entropy, chemical forces like, air quality at work, poor diet choices and other chemicals ingested or injected, as well as emotional stresses like retirement, disappointment, and feelings of despair. This inborn power is always at full capacity; however, there are times when one or more of these types of stresses cause the flow of this power to be reduced like a light bulb on a dimmer switch. There is light, just not as much as there could be if there was full power.

No matter how your health is right now, it is a great asset to have full power surging through your body. You know innately that this is true and I am just reminding you. We know that health does not come in the form of a pill, a potion, or a lotion, it comes from within.

Thank you for allowing me to serve in this way. I hope we meet soon in my office or at one of the events held around town.


Dr. Kerith Powell
Your Kennesaw Chiropractor

Kennesaw Chiropractor Dr. Kerith Powell attends Governor's Chiropractic Month Proclamation in Atlanta

Dr. Kerith Powell (3rd row, 4th from the left) is active in the community. Here he attends the Georgia Governor Nathan Deal's proclamation of Chiropractic Month with the Georgia Council of Chiropractic (GCC) chiropractors at the state capitol.

Dr. Kerith Powell has been practicing chiropractic in Atlanta since 2006. His chiropractic practice has evolved from the “bone-out-of-place-impinging-on-a-nerve” to “how gait, bone structure and disc placement effect the tension of the nervous system.” Currently Dr. Powell is focused on optimizing the brain-body connection of his chiropractic  clients here in Kennesaw Georgia.  Dr. Kerith Powell is also a chiropractic instructor at Life University, the largest and most respected Chiropractic College.  He uses all of his 14 years of his hands-on clinical chiropractic experience of structure, function, tone, congenital abnormalities, and connective tissue involvement for every client he accepts.  His goal is to produce astounding results in very little time.  His chiropractic peers describe him as having “great hands.”

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